Sept 2012, L'etique dans les medias

Entretien avec Dr. Célestine Gnonzion, ambassadeur de CIME en Côte d'Ivoire

Connaissez-vous le "J-Ethinomics"?

July 2012, IJNet

The journalist of the month: Melisande Middleton

June 2012, Ryerson Review of Journalism

To report or to rescue When is it okay to cross the line from journalist to humanitarian?

April 2012, The Communication Initiative Network

CIME Public Trust Survey 2012 - a summary

April 2012, What the Bhutanese media said about the 2012 CIME Forum in Bhutan

Be professional, rest will follow - Kuensel online

The problem of ethics in Bhutanese media - Business Bhutan

Media not fourth arm of govt: JAB President - Bhutan Today

Media Ethics, social responsibility and beyond - Bhutan Today

Bhutan - Journalism's onus and curse
- Bhutan Todays blog

March 2012, Universal Film Festival Magazine

The Ethics of Changing the Distributon Models of Films - Frederick Montgomery, CIME Associate PAGE 31

March 2012, Gender Across Borders

Gender, media coverage and ethics - Melda Türkkanlar, CIME associate

Nov 2011, Center for International Media Assistance

Media Codes of Ethics: The Difficulty of Defining Standards

Sept 2011, IJNet

5 ways ethics in journalism can boost readership

Aug 2011, Youth Ki Awaaz: Interview with Melisande Middlenton
Much To Learn From The Tragic NoTW Scandal: Middleton [INTERVIEW]

Coverage of the International Media Ethics Day

Media Ethics Day to be observed in Pakistan - The News

International Media Ethics Day to be celebrated in Pakistan

International Media Ethics Day to be celebrated in Pakistan - Daily Times

June 2011, Center for International Media Ethics

CIME Media Ethics Survey 2011 Report

January 2011, United Kingdom: CIME at TEDx Westminster

View streaming - Melisande Middleton speaking

November 2009, Belgium: CIME at the European Journalism Centre (EJC)
Download article - Ethics & Financial Reporting
View streaming - part 1
View streaming - part 2
View streaming - part 3

March 2009, United Kingdom: CIME at Oxford University and London School of Economics (LSE)
Download article - Social Responsibility in the Media

February 2009, Benin: CIME Forum 2009 on Golfe TV
Download video

February 2009, Benin: CIME Forum 2009 in West Africa
Download Forum publication

December 2008, France: CIME publication at Sciences Po
Download article - Social Responsibility: the RCTV case

June 2008, Germany: CIME participation in Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum
Download presentation


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