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Journalists together have the power to formulate and enforce a tacit code of ethics as a status quo of their profession.

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The Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) is pleased to launch the CIME Ambassador Program on the occasion of CIME's third anniversary! The Ambassador Program will serve as an outreach program for CIME, assisting us in the international promotion of media ethics.  In addition to providing journalists from all over the world with an opportunity to acquire training with CIME, this program offers chosen representatives the chance to be CIME representatives in their respective regions.

CIME encourages journalists to take on a proactive role in defining ethical practices through the choices and decisions made at work. We strongly believe that journalism ethics can be improved through effective networking and educating individual journalists and media organizations. We are accordingly seeking ambassadors to connect with journalists and media professionals around the world.*


CIME seeks ambassadors who demonstrate awareness and sensitivity towards the social responsibility of the media and the effects of journalistic choices on their immediate social surroundings.

Criteria for becoming a CIME Ambassador:

  • Demonstrated personal commitment to media ethics
  • Enthusiasm and pro-active approach to the promotion of media ethics
  • Proven media affiliation in their home countries (ie. active journalism career)
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in the English language, in order to maintain contact with CIME and the broader world

The selected CIME Ambassadors will receive training in our J-Ethinomics courses and will become part of CIME's international network of journalists and media professionals. Following their training, CIME Ambassadors will be expected to represent CIME in their region on various platforms and to play an active role in raising awareness of media ethics. The CIME Ambassadors will be prominent voices for ethical media practice in their countries as well as ambassadors of a broader global movement for media reform.

CIME welcomes applications for the CIME Ambassador Program from around the world! Please send your CV and a letter of motivation in English highlighting your passion for media ethics (maximum of 500 words) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(We would like to emphasize that at this time we are only able to review and consider applications submitted in the English language. Thank you!)

*Please note that the CIME Ambassadorship is an unpaid position.




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