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CIME Ambassadors are liaison between CIME and the journalists in their country. If you are interested to get involved, if you have questions or proposals or you would like to ask help or advice with regard to media ethics and ethical journalism, please feel free to contact the CIME Ambassador of your country! If there is no CIME Ambassador in your country and you feel you have the potential to represent media ethics in your country, please read the conditions and application procedure to become a CIME Ambassador.


Udo Seiwert-Fauti (CIME Ambassador - Germany) initiated and installed the Fair Radio ethics campaign for all German radios, demanding a trustworthy and transparent radio working environment. The "Tutzinger Appell", he created, builds the agreed basis for many radio journalists in Germany and other German- speaking countries. He works as a freelance correspondent and reports European, Council of Europe, EU parliament and cross- border developments from Strasbourg/France and lecture media ethics and journalism at srh University of Applied Sciences in Calw.


Ahmad Quraishi (CIME Ambassador - Afghanistan), the founder and director of Afghanistan Journalists Center has worked as journalist in Afghanistan for the past eight years. In addition to directing the Afghanistan Journalists Center since 2009, he is also working as the chief reporter of Pajhwok Afghan News, the leading online news agency in Afghanistan. Mr. Quraishi is a hard working journalist and media activist in Afghanistan and has received several certificates of excellence and outstanding work from different national and international media organizations throughout his career.


Gbenga Adeniji (CIME Ambassador - Nigeria) is a print journalist currently working as Arts and Politics correspondent for The Punch, one of Nigeria's leading daily newspapers. He has previously worked as a reporter for several other newspapers and magazines, writing on art, politics, education and issues of general interest.


Peter Bongiri (CIME Ambassador - South Sudan) is Secretary General of the South Sudan Union of Journalists (SSUJ). A print journalist and founder of The Hero Newspaper, he is committed to the development of a responsible free press in the newly-independent country of South Sudan.


Puruesh Chaudhary (CIME Ambassador - Pakistan) has over 7 years of experience in media and communications pertaining to key functional areas covering research and content development. She has been a professional broadcast editor and has worked in leading news channels in Pakistan; both in Urdu and English where she has been designing and developing content for news, current affairs and other special assignments.


Dr. Célestin Gnonzion (CIME Ambassador - Ivory Coast) obtained his PhD from the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome in Italy. He is the Dean of the School of Moral and Political Science of West Africa. Mr. Gnonzion helds lectures on topics of journalism and ethics such as Ethics of Public Social Communications, Ethics and Deontology in Media and Methods and Techniques of Social Science. He has published on topics including the impact of press on democratic processes, ethical decision-making factors of journalists and Ivory Coast and media freedom.


Pushpa Chhetri (CIME Ambassador - Bhutan) is the Director of the Bhutan Media Institute. BMI has been established with a vision to create a professional, independent and a responsible media Industry. With over 15 years of experience in print media, she is committed to professionalism and healthy content development.


Ujjwal Acharya (CIME Ambassador - Nepal) is online editor of Republica daily and chairs Digital Media Committee of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ). He has worked as journalists for over 12 years in various print mediums and also teaches journalism to university students. A pioneer blogger and social media activist in Nepal, he is also interested in research on media and has led research projects for Center for Media Research - Nepal.


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