After the success of last year's first International Media Ethics Day, the Center for International Media Ethics is organising the 2nd IMED on 21 September 2012. We are planning to be super active that day and post a journalism ethics related short article every hour on our own blog (

But we have also a great many volunteer bloggers who will write about media ethics on 21st September in their own blogs. You can find the list of volunteer bloggers here. We hope you will enjoy reading such a diverse range of writings!

If you want to be part of the celebration and post about media ethics in your blog, please sign up here!


Volunteer blogger Blog Planned blogging topic
Martin Hirst Ethical Martini Freedom of the press
ThDr. PhDr. Radek Mezuláník, Ph.D. Radek Mezuláník Media Ethics in the Czech Republic
Sara Muzzammil Lucid Pretense of Sanity 1.0 How sensitive is too sensitive?
Marina Shupac Marina Shupac's blog Ethics norms in Moldavian media - rule or an exception?
Muhammad Sajjad Haider News world Conflict reporting
Hannah Annor Journalism Ghana The GJA Code of Ethics-Do media personnel in Ghana really work with it?
Juan Carlos Díaz Cali, una ciudad sitiada Ética en el cubrimiento del conflicto armada en Colombia
Ricardo Gabriel Cipagauta Gómez "En nuestras ciudades muy baja PLANIFICACIÓN" Todos, contexto 123 Municipios de Boyacá y Nacionales
Natalia Chávez Implosiones Media ethics in digital periodism
Ijaz Khan Sahu Ijaz Khan Sahu's page Journalism Ethics and Responsible Reporting
Thin Set Kyaw Shein Free Press Myanmar Awareness of Media Ethics in Myanmar
Atique Khokhar Media Freedom Pakistan
Media ethics
John Chola Chola John Zambia - For investigative and fearless journalism Is it ethical for journalists to include emotion in their reporting/is it ethical for journalists to
accept political jobs
Sweta Gyanu Baniya The Coffee House Revival To be determined
Malik Faisal Moonzajer Afghan Journalists' Committee Childish media and ethics
Jean Compte L'éthique dans les mèdias The situation of media in Benin
Media Research Nepal
Media Reserach Nepal
Journalism and ethics in social media era


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